HUNA is proud to be Sustainable. Natural. Organic. Ethical. Cruelty-free. Plant-based. Biodegradable. GMO-free. Gluten-free. Welcome to a Better Way.


10 Ways HUNA is a different kind of Natural Skincare Company

  1. 3234290We have a unique approach to skincare. We call it We start by carefully selecting the best-quality natural + organic botanical ingredients, and formulate skincare that acts like “skin food” to literally feed + nourish your skin. Our ingredients are minimally-processed, whole nutritious botanicals, and often come from local-grown Canadian farmers. In fact, you’ll actually recognize + be able to pronounce our ingredient list!
  2. HUNA skincare is expert formulated + professionally handcrafted by someone with credentials and actual industry know-how. Huna Founder, Owner + Formulator, Heather Urquhart is crazy-passionate about botanical skincare. Which makes sense, because she’s a Botanist, Chartered Herbalist (in-training), certified Natural Cosmetic Formulator, and spent several years working for a multinational luxury skincare brand. She’s a graduate of the world-renowned organic cosmetic science school Formula Botanica, holds several credentials + certificates within the industry, and is a currently an active member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (HSCG).
  3. Botanical science and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We spend hours researching botanical actives, key ingredients, local ethical and sustainable suppliers, & new news within the global natural and organic skincare industry. We put loads of time into our ingredient selection, R&D, and meticulously handcrafting each and every huna skin nutrition product. We hope you enjoy using huna skincare, as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you!
  4. Our ingredients are not just wholesome + real…They are organic + unrefined wherever possible, and we favor locally-sourced ingredients like our Canadian broccoli seed oil, Canadian-made Rose + Neroli floral waters, Canadian organic beeswax, and Canadian organic Seaweed. Yum!
  5. We know you love supporting local. We do too. Canada is our extended home, and we love serving customers and partnering with businesses across our great nation. So we do our part to support local too. We favor local suppliers wherever possible, from our packaging, labels & ingredients, to our creative website design. Supporting us means you’re supporting MANY local Canadian businesses. Now that’s keeping it real! (Huna’s office + Apothecary are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, while the Huna homestead- home to Huna’s Organic “Skin Nutrition” Botanical Garden is based in beautiful Piney, Manitoba).
  6. We do our due diligence to select ingredients that are ethically-sourced + sustainable, because we CARE DEEPLY for our earth + home. Our eco-conscious business practices are built into our day-to-day practices and long-term strategy, so we make sure we keep focused on what’s truly important. We call it “conscious-commerce”…Now let’s make it a movement!
  7. Did we mention that we actually GROW our own organic botanicals for use in our huna skincare, right here on our family homestead in Southeastern Manitoba?! huna products are homegrown from ‘seed to Serum’! Register for the huna mailing list to be in-the-know on our adventures in growing, harvesting + transforming organic Calendula, Lavender, Borage, Chamomile, Licorice root + Echinacea, into beautiful huna skin nutrition! Oh my!
  8. We lovingly + passionately handcraft huna skincare in the same cute lil’ Apothecary that the huna dream began in! We’re staying true to our roots, rather than outsourcing our manufacturing like some brands choose.
  9. We’ve partnered with Canada’s first + only Skincare Dietitian- Orly Wachter, to bring you Skin Nutrition, Glowing Skin + Heathy Confidence tips! Because great skin happens from the inside-out, by nourishing your body with healthful, balanced + nutritious foods!
  10. Welcome to a better way. All huna skincare is biodegradable, vegetarian (and some vegan!), cruelty-free and never tested on animals. We use eco-friendly glass recyclable/reusable packaging, we support & partner with local businesses, and we look forward to donating a portion of our annual profits to Canadian charities with strong environmental initiatives. And we’ve been told our customer service is pretty kick-ass too! 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to make HUNA your preferred natural skincare brand?!


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