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3 Reasons to use Hemp Seed Oil for Acne, Blemish-prone + Oily Skin

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Hemp seed oil is truly a treasure for those with acne, blemish-prone or oily skin types.  Oils have a bad rep for oily skin, so most people who suffer from oily skin and blemishes tend to steer clear of products containing oils.  The science and truth are that oils are the best way to improve overall skin health, bring the skin back into balance, and keep it protected, soft and glowing.  That science remains strong for those with acne, blemishes and oily skin as well.  Oils provide essential fatty acids, moisture and protection for skin, and it really is about choosing the right oils for your particular skin needs.

3 Reasons to use Hemp Seed Oil for Acne, Blemish-prone + Oily skin types;

  1. The Ideal Fatty Acid Composition – People with oily or blemish-prone skin typically have a fatty acid imbalance in the skin which needs to be balanced. Search for oils which are high in linoleic acid, as your skin is depleted in this essential fatty acid, and a depletion will lead to sebum (the skin’s oil secretion) becoming more thick, viscous and sticky which leads to easily clogged pores.  Hemp seed oil contains over 57% linoleic acid, which is ideal for acne, blemishes and oily skin, as it will rebalance the skin’s sebum secretion, causing it to be less thick, viscous and sticky.  With continued use of Hemp seed oil, the skin’s sebum will regulate its secretion levels and improve in its composition, leaving you with balanced, clear and healthier-looking skin.
  1. Won’t Clog Pores – Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog pores. Ingredients used in skincare are typically rated for the level which they will contribute to pore-clogging, called a Comedogenic Scale.  The scalar is from 0-5, with 0 representing an ingredient which will not clog pores whatsoever, and 5 indicating an ingredient which is very pore-clogging.  Hemp seed oil rates a 0 on the scale, because it is entirely non-comedogenic and will not clog pores, even for someone suffering from acne blemishes and oily skin.  Wheatgerm oil is an example of a level 5 on the scale- those with breakout-prone skin should avoid products with wheatgerm oil for the face, neck or chest areas, as it is likely to contribute to future breakouts and acne flare-ups.
  1. Hemp seed oil feeds and nourishes skin with vitamins A, D and E, trace minerals, phytonutrients and Omega fatty acids, which moisturizes and protect skin to keep it healthy, clear and glowing.

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One comment on “3 Reasons to use Hemp Seed Oil for Acne, Blemish-prone + Oily Skin”

Zachary Tomlinson says:

I had no idea that if you use hemp seed oil on your facial route, you get to make your skin radiant and glowing even if you have acne. One of my friends is looking for a facial treatment that she can use to improve her skin’s appearance. I hope this article can convince her to try out hemp-infused face serums around her area.

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