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3-Day Flash Sale…April 20-23 only

3-Day Flash Sale - Botanical Face Mist - April 20-23 2017

Our surprise 3-Day Flash Sale runs April 20-23, 2017.

We’re celebrating Spring and the success of our first Video (check it out for a demo of the Botanical Face Mist!).

So celebrate along with us, and receive a FREE Hydrate + Refresh Botanical Face Mist with every purchase of $100+ at

You will absolute love this instant hydrating and refreshing face mist…it is one of Heather’s very favourite products.  It is multi-purpose too…use it in place of your Face Toner, as an instant Hydrating Boost, and as a Refreshing Summer Facial Mist.

It is perfect for travel- flight carry-on approved at 100ml size, and it contains hydrating botanical humectants like watermelon (yum!).  It works beautifully as a  face toner (as it contains the astringent Witch Hazel- wonderful for firming, toning and shrinking pores…and we infuse it with our own homegrown organic Calendula flowers for that added skin regenerating, healing + anti-inflammatory boost).

You will love it!  🙂

Check out this Video for a demonstration on the Hydrate + Refresh Botanical Face Mist!

And don’t miss the 3-Day Flash Sale…it runs April 20-23!

Take care + Keep well!




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