Clinically Tested. Clinically Proven. Dermatologically Tested. Dermatologist Approved. Hypoallergenic. Allergy Tested. Non-Irritating. Safe for Sensitive Skin.
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Meet Huna Founder, CEO + Master Formulator

Founded by Botanist, Chartered Herbalist, Natural Cosmetic Formulator, and healthy-living enthusiast Heather Urquhart


Heather Urquhart is the Founder, CEO + Master Formulator of Huna Skin Inc.  She is a Botanist, Herbalist, and Natural Cosmetic Formulator.  Heather is intensely passionate about skin health, clean beauty, and botanical science.  She commits her expertise to personally and meticulously formulating all Huna skincare and cosmetics.  Innovation, R&D, and Botanical Science Research all fall under Heather’s area of responsibility and watchful eye.

Aside from being a pure plant lover, devoted yogi, meditation-fan, animal-lover and lifelong student, Heather is an active contributor, leader, and innovator in the Canadian and International Botanical Science, Natural Cosmetics and Organic Personal Care Product industries.  She has a deep knowledge of botanicals, science, skin health, and cosmetics- she excels at passionately weaving these concepts together.  Her background, experience, skills & passion are uniquely suited to a leadership career in Organic Beauty.

Heather is married to her best friend of 18 years & life partner, Corrado Radicchi.  The happy couple have been together since High School, and have supported, laughed, cried & cheered each other through the daily dramas & big-life tragedies that occur along the way.  They enjoy world travel, being active, and cooking together, while they both adore time with their sweet Henry- the family American Bulldog pup.  Independently, Heather enjoys yoga, herbal medicine, spending time in nature, sunshine, puppy dogs, gardening, herbal teas, and cooking or gorging on delicious healthy nutritious fresh food!

“Plants make powerful ingredients. You just have to know how to apply them.”

Heather Urquhart, Founder



Before founding Huna, Heather spent several years working for a major multinational luxury skincare brand, followed by a few years within the Medical-Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods industries. Combining Heather’s passion and background in Botanical Sciences, Luxury Skincare and Human Health & Nutrition, with her experience working for big-player international companies inspired her to create a skincare company that offers something truly different for women.




Heather holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba, a Diploma in Natural Cosmetic Formulating, and Certificates in Natural Cosmetic Preservation and Anti-Age Skincare Formulating from the world’s top organic cosmetic science school Formula Botanica.  Her life’s passions and committed career are to develop Botanical Science & Human Health, especially focusing on her specialty in Dermal Health/Skin Science.



Pictured above: Heather (left) with Huna’s Production and Operations Team members.  Enjoying the warm sunshine + beautiful sight of our Organic Skin Nutrition Garden at the Huna Homestead in southern Manitoba, Canada.