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From humble beginnings to global green beauty Trailblazer

The Huna story began in 2013, when I was searching for all-natural skincare products to nourish and improve the look and health of my skin.

I was healthy, in my young-30’s and vivacious, but yet my skin was looking dull and lack-luster- it was absolutely lacking in any brightness & vitality, and dare I say…my skin was starting to show the first signs of aging.

I’m a bit of a health nut, and enjoy nourishing my body with nutrition-packed foods, and I know my skin will benefit from the same treatment externally.  In my search, I kept coming across so-called natural brands, which were basically traditional synthetic mass-produced products with the same ingredients as mainstream brands, with just a touch of natural ‘coconut oil’ or ‘rosehip oil’- and passed off as a “natural product”.  Or some brands with better intents would offer naturally-derived, synthetically-processed or altered ingredients.

Looking for healthier, safer alternatives to what mainstream beauty brands offered, and I was mainly in search of an ingredient list which I could recognize and understand, as I’m very aware and conscious of what goes into and onto my body.  I wanted to find a brand that was packed with ‘health food’ and nutrition to feed and nourish my skin.  I wanted fresh and natural…really natural…authentically natural.  So I concluded, to get what I really want, I am just going to have to make my own skincare.

And so I did just that!  After over a year of solid book-study, lab-based experimenting and skill-building in the area of botanicals and skincare science, I developed Huna ‘Skin Nutrition’ and launched it to the world in November 2014.  Effective botanical-based ‘Skin Nutrition’ that feeds, nourishes and protects your skin.  Uniquely formulated with our own organically grown dermal-botanicals- selected, hand-harvested, and passionately handcrafted into Huna’s unique line of ‘Skin Nutrition.

Huna products have been specially formulated to improve your skin’s health and nutrition, bringing out your natural radiance and healthy glow. Huna has developed its own proprietary Skin Nutrition and Age-Grace Complex Active Blends, which contain scientifically proven botanical ingredients which optimize skin health and deeply nourish skin, to help slow and treat the first signs of dermal (skin) aging.

"Huna products have been specially formulated to improve your skin’s health and nutrition, bringing out your natural radiance and healthy glow."


Being a Botanist, Herbalist and passionate Gardener & Plant-lover, I’ve always grown beautiful gardens filled with local plants, medicinal herbs, and nourishing vegetables.

After being disappointed by the low quality and potency of some botanical ingredients purchased off the market, I began pondering the idea of growing our own botanical ingredients.  It seemed like a logical next step for us.  In 2015, Huna began growing 6 basic botanical ingredients on the 138-acre family acreage in southern Manitoba, lovingly called the Huna Homestead.  All 100% organically.

Now in 2017, we grow over 30+ different organic plant species for exclusive use in Huna products.

Some scarce & rare.  Some common skin remedies in Herbalism.  We sow the seeds of beauty in the Spring, and meticulously hand-harvest the plants of skin-health throughout the Summer & early-Fall.  Each plant is picked at its optimal time when the plant is at peak freshness.  Our botanicals are minimally refined, and incorporated into Huna skincare formulations right away- to capture & retain each plant’s maximum active potency in our high-performance Skin Nutrition.

It’s not just Skin Care….It’s Skin Nutrition.

Skin Nutrition for Normal/Combination Skin in need of a healthy revitalized glow

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Nutrition for Oily, Congested, Blemished or Acne-prone skin in need of clearing.

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Nutrition Dry, Dehydrated, Inflamed or Sensitive skin in need of moisture + repair.

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