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The Organic Skin Nutrition Garden

Come explore the Huna Homestead


Huna grows our very own organic botanicals for exclusive use in Huna skincare.  Our botanicals are grown with pure love on our family acreage, and carefully harvested by hand at the peak of optimal ripeness to retain the plant’s potent active phytonutrients.  This is what makes Huna ‘Skin Nutrition’ so incredibly effective and fresh.

Huna’s Organic ‘Skin Nutrition’ Botanical Garden is located in beautiful Southeastern Manitoba.  We grow over 30 unique species of skin-healing, skin-regenerating, and skin-loving botanicals.

It’s not just Skin Care….
It’s Skin Nutrition.


Some plants we grow are scarce & rare.  Some are common & well-known skin remedies in Herbalism.  We sow the seeds of beauty in the Spring, and meticulously hand-harvest the plants of skin-health throughout the Summer & early-Fall.  Each plant is picked at its optimal time when the plant is at its peak freshness.  Our botanicals are minimally refined, and incorporated into Huna skincare formulations right away- to capture & retain each plant’s maximum active potency in our high-performance Skin Nutrition.

Our in-house proprietary ‘Skin Nutrition’ Complexes, are our own exclusive blend of carefully selected botanicals active ingredients, carefully formulated and combined to deliver targeted results to your skin.  Active ingredients that are picked at their prime and used fresh.  Scientifically demonstrated and clinically proven active botanical ingredients.  100% natural, safe and healthy Skin Nutrition to feed and nourish skin.  That’s the Huna Skin Nutrition difference.  Skin Nutrition: Scientifically proven, Organically grown.


Nature’s richest source of GLA

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Preserves skin collagen matrix

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Rapidly heals damaged skin

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