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The Organic Skin Nutrition Garden

Come explore the Huna Farm


HUNA grows our very own Organic Skin Botanicals for exclusive use in Huna skincare.  Our Botanicals are grown with pure love and meticulous care on our family Farm, and carefully harvested by hand at the peak of optimal ripeness to retain the plant’s potent active phytonutrients.  This is what makes Huna ‘Skin Nutrition’ so incredibly effective and fresh.

The Huna Organic ‘Skin Nutrition’ Gardens are located in Canada’s beautiful Okanagan region, famous for its world-class Wineries and Fruit Orchards.  Based in stunning Monte Creek, British Columbia, the Huna Farm boasts over 30 Acres of Organic Regenerative Botanical & Herb Gardens surrounded by picturesque wild Mountain-Forest Landscape.

It’s not just Skin Care….
It’s Skin Nutrition.


Some plants we grow are scarce and rare.  While others are common skin remedies that have been used in Herbal Medicine for centuries.  We sow the seeds of beauty in the Spring, and meticulously hand-harvest the plants of skin-health throughout the Summer & early-Fall.  Each plant is picked at its optimal time when the plant is at its peak freshness.  Our Botanicals are organically grown, unrefined, ultra-fresh and incredibly potent skin medicine.

Our exclusive proprietary Huna ‘Skin Nutrition’ Active Complexes make all the difference.  Developed using our own blend of carefully selected and organically grown Botanical Actives, which deliver targeted results to improve and heal skin health.  Active herbal ingredients picked at their prime and used fresh.  Combined with Scientifically-demonstrated and Clinically-proven responsibly-sourced actives such as Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Vegetable Ceramides, Bakuchiol (Plant-based Retinol Alternative), High-Potency Vitamin C, Marine Collagen, and more.  Natural, Healthy, Safe and Effective High-Performance ‘Skin Nutrition’ Skincare to feed, nourish and visibly improve Skin Health.  That’s the Huna Skin Nutrition difference.  Skin Nutrition: Scientifically proven, Organically grown.


Nature’s richest source of GLA

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Preserves skin collagen matrix

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Rapidly heals damaged skin

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