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Plenty Magazine features huna products as Winter Skincare Essentials

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Winter is coming!  Eek!  And when the temperature drops outside + heaters turn-on inside, skin can start to freak out a little.  Prepare your skin for cold weather with a great moisturizer, fabulous oil-based protective serum, sunscreen (yes, even in the winter months!), a softening facial exfoliator, consuming lot’s of filtered drinking water, eating a balanced diet with hydrating foods (cucumber, grapefruit + watermelon, yum!) and healthy fats (organic coconut oil, olive oil, ghee), AND check out this wonderful guide to Winter Skincare Survival- courtesy of the lovely folks at Plenty Magazine.  Make yourself a cuppa herbal tea, and settle in for a good read…

Preparing Your Skin for Winter: A Q&A with Etiket’s Simon Tooley


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