Clarify Tea + Serum Gift Set

This set was created to improve and target your skin concerns using a gut-to-skin healing approach, this gift set promotes optimal skin health. Huna Internal Beauty line, features a range of 3 Skin Nutrition Herbal Beauty Teas.  Each Huna Skin Nutrition Beauty Tea is targeted toward internal healing of the symptoms associated with particular skin concerns.  Huna Skin Nutrition Beauty Teas are aligned and best combined with Huna’s external Skin Nutrition skincare approach.

100% Natural ingredients.  Organic.  Vegan.  Cruelty-free.  GMO-free.  Gluten-free.  Biodegradable.

$125.00 CAD



The New 3-piece Clarify Skin Nutrition Beauty Tea + Serum Gift Set contains:

Huna Clarify Skin Nutrition Beauty Tea
Huna Clarify Blemish-Control Face Serum
with a bonus complimentary Nourishing Lip Shine.


Huna Clarify Skin Nutrition Beauty Tea with Organic Peppermint, Spearmint, Nettle, Burdock, Dandelion, + Calendula is a Fine Fresh Mint Herbal Tea with Blemish-Clearing and Skin-Balancing Botanicals. Sip one cup of Huna Clarify Beauty Tea daily to give your blemish-prone, oily, and congested skin the essential cleansing, nutrition and nourishment needed to decrease redness and inflammation, help heal your current blemishes, prevent new breakouts and encourage clear skin glowing with clarified health.  Herbal Medicine based Herbs work to detoxify the liver and cleanse the blood for clearer-looking, healthier, balanced and blemish-free skin.


Huna Clarify Blemish-Control Face serum with hemp seed, pumpkin + green tea is ideal for oily, congested, adult-acne + blemish-prone skin.  Specially formulated to be ultra-lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-greasy + non-comedogenic.  This scientifically formulated serum contains the ideal essential fatty acid profile to balance out oily and acnegenic skin, while protecting skin from environmental damage with a potent Antioxidant-rich profile.  Contains nature’s ideal balance of linolenic essential fatty acids, perfectly suited to balance skin’s sebum (oil) production.  Formulated using Huna’s exclusive proprietary in-house ‘Clarify Blemish-Control Botanical Complex’ with antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic and acne-busting Herbal medicine inspired Botanicals, such as Burdock root, Dandelion leaf, Dandelion root, Oregon grape root, Nettle, Calendula, Green tea, Neem + Licorice root.


Huna Nourishing Lip Shine with organic avocado, peppermint + Organic Calendula, combines the nourishing moisture of a lip balm, with the sassy high-shine finish of a lip gloss.  Ultra-smooth non-sticky high-shine finish.  Vegan.  Colourless.  Natural peppermint scent.  Simply divine!  79% organic.  100% Natural.   Vegan.  GMO-free.  Gluten-free.  Cruelty-free.  Biodegradable formula.

Please see individual product pages.

Please see individual product pages.


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