Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan (For Normal to Dry Skin)

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Normal to Dry Skin

Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan with organic mango butter, pomegranate, avocado, carrot, broccoli + chia seed is the ideal solution for normal to dry, dehydrated, damaged, sensitive and inflammation-prone skin.  This deeply moisturizing yet fast-absorbing skin treatment intensely nourishes, replenishes, and protects while promoting healthy healing with the scientifically proven skin healing botanical Calendula officinalis.

Our Organic Vegan Skin Nutrition Balm Offers Intensive Nourishment And Moisture

Offering intense nourishment and moisture, anti-inflammatory healing botanical actives, multivitamin replenishment, and all-season barrier protection, we created this vegan formulation to provide moisture, protection and healing to skin.  Non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.

Acts as a powerful skin protectant to shield exposed skin from harsh environmental elements like wind + cold.  Intensely moisturizes and nourishes sensitive and damaged skin after overexposure to sun, salt water or chlorine.  This is your skin’s best friend in the winter months, and your skin’s saving grace in the summer months.  The Award-winning Skin Nutrition Balm offers year-round moisture, nourishment and healing to improve problematic skin conditions.

74% Organic.  100% Plant-based.  Vegan.  GMO-free.  Gluten-free.  Cruelty-free.  Sustainable.  Biodegradable.



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Organic Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan Product Description

Smooth as silk, this multi-use face + body balm contains 22 power-packed natural ingredients that deliver effective occlusive protection along with essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, phytonutrients + protecting antioxidants to promote healing and replenish dry, parched skin.  Premium 100% plant-based Candelilla wax, hydrating organic mango butter, and rich skin-replenishing botanical oils like avocadobroccoli seed + pomegranate nourish skin with moisturizing omega’s, protecting antioxidants, and essential vitamins A, C + E for skin optimal skin health.  Organic chia seed oil contains alpha lipoic acida powerful antioxidant that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, while encouraging skin radiance.  Chia seed oil has been clinically demonstrated to significantly increase skin hydration, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and increase the skin’s barrier function.

The Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan contains Huna’s exclusive 9-Botanical Skin Nutrition Complex to promote rapid skin healing while calming redness, irritation and relieving dry, tight, cracked skin.  Ideally, used as a night treatment balm to promote healthy skin repair and wonderful skin days the next morning.

Available in 100% natural and plant-derived ‘Sweet Orange + Lavender’ scent.

Choose your size: 50ml Regular size jar or 100ml Double size jar (online exclusive).


Use the Skin Nutrition Balm as a multi-purpose heal-all skin conditioner.  Apply to dry rough elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and feet.  Use as a face and body moisturizer, cuticle treatment, lip conditioner, and all-over healing treatment balm to promote soft, smooth, supple, healthy-looking skin.


Key Ingredients

  • Organic mango butter for smooth, soothing moisture.
  • Botanical oils like avocado, broccoli + pomegranate nourish with moisturizing omega’s, protecting antioxidants, and essential vitamins A,C,+E for optimal skin health.
  • Scientifically proven skin-healing botanical Calendula officinalis grown organically and hand-harvested from the Huna Skin Nutrition Gardens on the Huna Farm in Monte Creek, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Crafted with Candelilla wax for a 100% Vegan formulation.
  • Provides intense lightweight moisture, fast-absorbing nourishment, replenishment, and protection to skin.
  • Non-comedogenic formula.
  • Organic Chia Seed Oil contains alpha lipoic acid, helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, while encouraging skin radiance. Chia seed oil has been clinically demonstrated to significantly increase skin hydration, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and increase the skin’s barrier function.


Award-Winning Balm

  • 2018 Winner of ‘Best Balm’ in the International Earth Day Beauty Awards.
  • 2023 Winner of Best Facial Balm in the global Beauty Shortlist Awards.



Net Volume: Choose your size: 50ml Regular size jar or 100ml Double size jar.

Recyclable frosted glass jar with metal and plastic screw cap.  Huna recyclable frosted glass packaging is UV-protected to ensure product integrity is maintained.

Please do your part for the Planet…Kindly Recycle this Packaging.


Ingredient Source Notable Properties
Prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) oil Organic/Wild-harvested Nourishing, moisturizing
Vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil Organic/Wild-harvested Antioxidant-rich, light texture
Persea gratissima (avocado) oil Organic/Wild-harvested Deeply hydrating, vitamins A, D, E
Mangifera indica (mango) butter Organic/Wild-harvested Moisturizing, rich in essential fatty acids
Cera candelilla (candelilla wax) Plant-based Vegan, protective barrier
Helianthus annus and beta-carotene (carrot tissue) oil Organic Rich in beta-carotene, rejuvenating
Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin seed) oil Organic Nutrient-rich, anti-aging
Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) oil Organic Brightening, uplifting aroma
Tocopherol (vitamin E) Plant-sourced non-GMO Antioxidant, skin repair
Manihot esculenta (tapioca) root starch Organic Softening, texture enhancer
Punica granatum (pomegranate) oil Organic Anti-inflammatory, regenerative
Lavendula officinalis (lavender) oil Plant-based Soothing, anti-inflammatory
Hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn berry) Plant-based High in vitamins C and E, restorative
Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) Plant-based Stimulating, clarifying
Brassica oleracea italica (broccoli seed) oil Plant-based Natural silicone feel, antioxidant
Salvia hispanica (chia seed) oil Organic Omega-3 rich, nourishing
Camellia sinensis (camellia) oil Organic Moisturizing, rich in oleic acid
Calendula officinalis (calendula) Organic Healing, anti-inflammatory
Matricaria recutita (chamomile) Organic Calming, soothing
Helichrysum italicum (immortelle) Organic Regenerative, anti-aging
Camellia sinensis (green tea) Organic Antioxidant, toning
Stellaria media (chickweed) Organic Soothing, cooling
Plantago major (plantain) Organic Healing, anti-inflammatory
Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice root) Organic Brightening, anti-inflammatory
Galium aparine (cleavers) Organic Detoxifying, clarifying
Scutellaria lateriflora (skullcap) Organic Soothing, anti-inflammatory
Citral, Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene Naturally occurring Natural fragrance components, may be potential allergens for some


Product Attributes:

  • 74% Organic Ingredients
  • 100% Plant-based
  • Vegan
  • Synthetic-free
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Biodegradable formula

How To USE

To use as a night treatment balm: Apply a small amount (pea sized) to fingers & warm to melt.  Massage over skin, focusing on dry, tight, red and inflamed areas.

To use as a multi-purpose skin health balm: Apply desired amount to dry, damaged & irritated areas of face + body skin. Ideal cuticle conditioner, lip treatment, flaky & cracked skin cure-all, occlusive skin protectant (protects skin from environmental factors, especially wind & cold), lip conditioner, heal/ankle/elbow softener, and all-around wonderful skin health balm!

Be Mindful

Although the balm actively protects skin with a rich antioxidant + polyphenol complex, it is strongly encouraged that you apply sunscreen to protect your lovely skin from the effects of premature UV-aging.  This balm contains only skin-nourishing plant-based ingredients- to be sure this product keeps its integrity, avoid cross-contaminating with water or any other substance.  This product will be freshest if used within 6-12 months from date of opening.  Enjoy!

21 reviews for Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan (For Normal to Dry Skin)

  1. This is the best. I’m not sure how to review it as it’s so unique. I feel like this replaces any kind of petroleum jelly product for sure, but doesn’t feel sticky or greasy and weird. It also feels like relief for dry skin like a high end moisturizer as well. It does soak in but also covers and stays on top of the skin. However it isn’t uncomfortable to use in any way. It’s pleasing, calming, hydrating, medical yet luxurious. I put it on a mild burn but I also put it all over my face and neck as a moisturizer, and on my lips like lip gloss. I want to coat my entire body in this and be well. Get this, I feel lucky to have been introduced to this product.

    Julia Caro

    • Wow Julia, thank you kindly for your incredible feedback and review! “Medical yet luxurious”…so wonderful, and a great way to describe the Huna Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan. We are absolutely gushing about your comment on feeling lucky to have been introduced to this product. Well thank you from the bottom of our hearts Julia, we feel so lucky to have been introduced to YOU!!! xox

      Heather Urquhart

  2. Got this in a subscription box and LOVE it I’m changing my overall beauty treatment to this balm for rough feet n hands smells wonderful use on everything soft melts and no sticky, is so lightweight and absorbs fast I really love this new game changer take with must have in purse bag

    Tara Azevedo

    • Excellent to hear this Tara, thank you for your feedback! We love our new Skin Nutrition Balm Vegan too, it melts into skill beautifully. So happy you’re loving it and consider it a game changer in your skin routine!! xo

      Heather Urquhart

  3. This has been a life saver for my wind weary face during the cold midwestern winter! My cheeks have gotten more dry as I’ve gotten older (F42) and I’ve always struggled with the skin around my mouth, especially the corners during the winter months. This it’s next to my bed and I put it on every night after my shower. I love that it melts into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. This stuff is a pot of gold!

    Amy Taylor

    • Wonderful to hear, thank you so much Amy! Pot of gold…love it! 🙂

      Heather Urquhart

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