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Our Meticulous Process

It all starts with Science


Many people have asked how Huna goes about creating new botanical skin wonders. Well, we’re not about to give away all of our secrets, but we can tell you that all of our formulations begin with a specific skin concern to solve, followed by hours of R&D, where our methodology includes extensive research in the areas of botanical science, herbal medicine, human nutrition, and dermal (skin) health.



Then its back to the lab…

After research is concluded, we move our work into the Laboratory where the real work begins- formulating an actual product and several (many!) rounds of testing. Once we’re satisfied with a new Skin Nutrition product, we’ll take it to our panel of human product testers, as we never test our products on animals. Most products will go back into R&D to refine based on product tester feedback, before moving on to further internal and external testing, qualifications, and quality assurances.

Our strict quality standards

We have created internal standards and qualifications to ensure all Huna products embrace the concept of healthy, mindful + conscious-living. That means all of our products are created to be:

  • Biodegradable formulations
  • Earth-kind packaging with recyclable glass and aluminum
  • Ethically + sustainably-sourced ingredients
  • Organic, minimally-processed or unrefined (wherever possible)
  • Cruelty-free (absolutely no animal testing)
  • Human-safe using healthy, 100% natural-sourced ingredients
  • Effective, formulated with purpose, and rooted in science

All Huna products are professionally handcrafted in small batches at our lab located at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, on the University of Manitoba campus. We only use ethically and sustainably-sourced natural and organic ingredients in our products, with plenty of Canadian-sourced ingredients. What ingredients we are not able to source or grow ourselves within Canada, we import ensuring strict compliance to ethical, fair-trade and eco-friendly practices.  Our skincare is biodegradable, earth-kind, cruelty-free and tested on humans only (never animals!).


Huna products are formulated our founder Heather Urquhart- an earth-loving and trained Botanist, Herbalist and professional Natural Cosmetic Formulator.  Absolutely all Huna products are made with 100% natural and natural-derived ingredients.  Most Huna products contain a minimum 70% organic ingredients are are organic as-indicated.

Huna skincare is high-performance and formulated to be safe and effective.  All Huna products are entirely free from:

  • Fillers
  • Synthetic chemicals
  • Irritating or potentially-harmful preservatives
  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Phthalates
  • GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients
  • Petroleum
  • Pesticides
  • Artificial colours or fragrances
  • Potentially-harmful or toxic ingredients which may be damaging to your skin, health, or the environment

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