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Welcome to the Lab

Huna is a science-based clean beauty company that combines the principles of Botanical Science, Herbal Medicine, and Human Nutrition with clean, ethical and sustainable luxury beauty.


Our home is at the University of Manitoba’s Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals (RCFFN), which offers Huna a state-of-the-art Laboratory environment for production and research. Huna looks forward to leveraging their partnership with the University to launch additional scientifically-based new products in the future, expanding into solving key problematic skin conditions using natural botanical ingredients. Huna commits to being an active researcher in the international green beauty space, delivering scientific data and research insights that grow and elevate scientific credibility of natural and organic personal care products and the green beauty industry globally.


The Huna Lab only works with ethically and sustainably-sourced natural, healthy and safe ingredients, most of which are plant-based, and all of which have been deemed safe for by our own internal qualification standards. 

Created, formulated and owned by a Botanist, Herbalist, and Natural Cosmetic Formulator, HUNA combines the concepts of Botanical Science, Herbal Medicine and Human Nutrition, with Sustainable Luxury Beauty. Expert formulated and professionally crafted at our ‘Clean Lab’ on the Huna Farm in British Columbia, Canada.  With passion and meticulous care, we create natural, nourishing and effective skin health solutions from nature’s super foods and power plants.  We work with a team of talented and scientifically-skilled Experts & Professionals to deliver a science-backed organic skincare brand that is like no other on this beautiful planet.

Borage, Pomegranate, Rosehip, Green Tea, Coconut, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Carrot, Hemp Seed, Chamomile, Helichrysum, Echinacea and Calendula…those are just a few of our favourite ingredients found in Huna Skin Nutrition. We love to use local Canadian ingredients, like our Canadian Broccoli Seed Oil, Organic Canadian Seaweed, unrefined Organic Canadian Beeswax, Canadian hemp seed oil, mineral-rich Canadian Glacial Clay, and Canadian-made floral waters.

We favour our own homegrown and local Canadian, organic and minimally-processed premium botanical ingredients to create the freshest, highest-quality and highest-performance Skin Nutrition. Our quality is simply incomparable.

Natural.  Organic.  Plant-based.  Vegan and Vegetarian.  Certified Cruelty-free.  Biodegradable.  GMO-Free.  Gluten-free.  Sustainable.  Toxic-free.  Synthetic-free.  Earth-friendly.