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Huna is Award-Winning Clean + Green Beauty

Here at Team Huna, we know that we are a true innovator in the industry, driving Clean + Green Beauty forward in Canada and beyond. Huna was the first clean beauty brand in Canada to grow our very own organic botanicals to create our unique and potent Proprietary active blends.  We take extreme pride, along with organic, ethical, sustainable, and responsible measures to grow the highest quality organic plants, ensuring our plants are harvested at the optimal time for maximum potent phytonutrients that deliver powerful visible results to skin.  Just call us the Clean Beauty Crusaders!

We are fully confident that we create outstanding-quality and high-performance clean beauty products.  And now we’ve been recognized numerous times for our efforts!  We are beaming with pride and jumping for joy! Huna has won awards and we want to share our celebrations!

Huna won Best Organic Skincare Products Manufacturer in North America, presented by Corporate Vision Magazine.  WOW.  What an incredible honour.  Each award is carefully scrutinized, from a nominee’s region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving firms walk away with one of these prestigious Awards.  And we did it!  What an accomplishment!  We are totally gushing! (You can view our win – here).

Not only has Huna been celebrated as an entire brand, our products have become stars on their own and received their own praise! #ProudMamaMoment 😉

Huna’s Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum with rosehip + sea buckthorn berry has been our #1 seller for 5 years straight! Now, we can add AWARD-WINNER to the list! Winning Best Face Care Skin Product in 2018 Simply Beautiful Awards! Whoot whoot! The Simply Beautiful Awards are presented by BC Living and Simply Beautiful, honouring conscious Canadian brands working to make like more beautiful.. responsibly. We are beyond proud of this unique, standout serum. With it’s jam-packed list of nutritious ingredients, it does not disappoint delivering deep moisturization, effective antioxidant protection, and a healthy nourished glow!

Our premium organic rosehip oil contains trans-retinoic acid which is a gentle natural form of vitamin A.  Those looking for a safe alternative to retinol have turned to Huna’s Revitalize Age-Grace Serum for its rich trans-retinoic content which may improve overall skin appearance and texture by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while gently fading the appearance of dark spots or marks left behind by pesky old acne breakouts, too-many-fun-in-the-sun weekends, and let’s face it- life!

Organic Camellia revitalizes while deeply and intensely moisturizing and nourishing skin.  Carrot tissue oil imparts a healthful glow to the complexion. Pomegranate moisturizes and protects skin from environmental damage- forming a potent antioxidant + polyphenol complex, while calming inflammation and mild redness.  Sea buckthorn berry is the ultimate delicious skin goody- it promotes healthy healing of damaged skin, while softening and nourishing to improve skin’s overall barrier function.

It contains Huna’s proprietary ‘Age-Grace Botanical Complex’ with exclusive organically-grown botanicals to hydrate, heal, tone, soothe redness, and reduce the appearance of dark spots with continued use over time.  Ultra-fast absorbing formula feeds + nourishes skin using nature’s super foods + power plants- packed with essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, phytonutrients + fatty acids for beautifully healthy + naturally glowing skin.  And oh, the glowing skin you will have!  Carrot, sea buckthorn and rosehip give this serum it’s uniquely bright orange hue, and are responsible for delivering a fabulous healthy-looking, nourished, supple and hydrated glow to the skin.

(You can view our win – here).

Our next wonderful achievement came from the 2018 Healing Lifestyles – Earth Day Beauty Awards! Their Safe Beauty & Body team tirelessly puckered and blotted, slathered and lathered, cleansed and rinsed and – most importantly – ingredient-checked for ‘no-nasties’ until they came up with their picks for the haute monde of clean, green beauty in 2018. Huna’s Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm with organic mango butter, pomegranate, avocado, carrot, broccoli + chia seed took home first prize for ‘Best Balm’! This silky smooth face + body balm contains 22 power-packed natural ingredients that deliver effective occlusive protection along with essential vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, phytonutrients, and protecting antioxidants to promote healing and replenish dry, parched skin.

Premium organic Canadian beeswax, hydrating organic mango butter, and rich skin-replenishing botanical oils like avocado, broccoli seed + pomegranate nourish skin with moisturizing omega’s, protecting antioxidants, and essential vitamins A, C + E for skin optimal skin health.

Organic chia seed oil contains alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, while encouraging skin radiance.  Chia seed oil has been clinically demonstrated to significantly increase skin hydration, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and increase the skin’s barrier function.

Huna’s Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm contains Huna’s exclusive 6-Botanical Calming complex to promote rapid skin healing while calming redness, irritation and relieving dry, tight, cracked skin.  Ideally used as a night treatment balm to promote healthy skin repair and wonderful skin days the next morning.  Bonus!! It may be used as a multi-purpose skin conditioner- dry rough elbows/knees/ankles, hand & foot moisturizer, cuticle treatment, lip conditioner, and all-over treatment balm to promote soft, smooth, supple, healthy-looking skin!

(You can view our win – here).

If that wasn’t enough, you can just imagine how proud and excited we were when we got the news that we had won our second Healing Lifestyles – Earth Day Beauty Award! That’s right, folks! Huna’s Revitalize Cleansing Creme + Make-up Remover with organic mango butter, unrefined ucuuba + jojoba is the winner of the 2019 Earth Day Beauty awards in the category of ‘Best Cleanser’! *Cue happy dance* This creamy enzymatic cleanser moisturizes and balances, while gently exfoliating and brightening skin. It removes all traces of cosmetics- even eye makeup, sunscreen, and impurities. Your skin is left feeling and looking incredibly clean, revitalized, hydrated, soft, smooth, and fresh. Cleanse on natural beauties!

Unrefined ucuuba butter comes from the ucuuba tree, native to Central + South America.  Ucuuba is rich in essential fatty acids and replenishes moisture, firmness + tone to skin, while boasting ultra-healing and anti-bacterial qualities.  Ucuuba butter is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.  We are so in love with Ucuuba- it has a unique natural earthy scent that we love.  It contributes to the characteristic rich and intoxicating aroma-benefits making this organic creamy cleanser a calming aromatic ritual.

Organic mango butter provides rich, creamy moisture, vitamins A + C, and balances skin without feeling greasy or clogging pores.  Mango butter is uber-rich in antioxidants and offers emollient qualities which soften skin.  Pineapple and papaya extracts contains bromelain and papain enzymes (respectively) which gently exfoliate, brighten and rejuvenate skin.  Organic jojoba oil is great for balancing skin, as it mimics skin’s natural sebum and is very rich in vitamin E.  Jojoba oil deeply cleanses pores and breaks down pore-clogging impurities, while improving skin elasticity, softening, and moisturizing.

(You can view our win here).


What exactly makes Huna so incredible, so unique, so different, and a cut above the rest?  

Our approach is uniquely differentiated.  Huna is the first clean beauty company in the world to Research and Manufacture at a major University.  Huna is a fully science-based company, and our founder Heather Urquhart is a trained Botanist, Herbalist, and certified Master Natural Cosmetic Formulator.  You could say that science is part of our DNA.

Huna was also the first clean beauty company in Canada to grow our own organic botanical ingredients.  Huna grows over 30 different species of botanicals on our family acreage (lovingly called ‘The Huna Homestead’) in southern Manitoba, Canada.  We grow each hierloom plant with love and passion, and we hand-harvest at the peak of optimal ripeness to ensure every Huna botanical is loaded with its maximum concentration of active phytonutrients.  That is what makes Huna products so fresh, effective and high-performance.


Huna feeds and nourishes your skin, offering effective and creative skin solutions based on the botanical ingredients and principles of traditional Herbalism & Modern Science.  Huna products deliver real results and are created from real ingredients- nature’s whole and simple super foods and power plants.  Our goal is to offer you not just a better way, but the absolute best way.  Healthy, natural, safe and luxurious botanical Skin Nutrition.  Better for your skin, better for you, better for your family, better the environment.  Skin Nutrition: Scientifically proven, Organically grown.

We sow the seeds of beauty in the Spring, and meticulously hand-harvest the plants of skin-health throughout the Summer & early-Fall.  Some plants we grow are scarce & rare.  While some are common & well-known skin remedies in Herbalism. Our botanicals are grown with pure love, carefully harvested by hand at the peak of optimal ripeness, and minimally refined to retain the plant’s maximum active potent properties.

Huna combines the elements of botanical science, herbal medicine, optimal human nutrition, and conscious-living with luxurious beauty.  Expert formulated and Professional Handcrafted at our Laboratory in the University of Manitoba, with passion and meticulous care.   We work with a team of talented and scientifically skilled professionals to deliver a science-backed organic skincare brand that is like no other on this beautiful planet.


We invite you to experience Huna for your best skin ever.

Thanks for reading!

Team Huna


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