Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloth Set

Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloth Set is a 5-piece reusable cleansing cloth set that comes neatly bundled in an adorable white Huna cotton cosmetics/toiletries bag.  Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloths are extremely high-quality, 100% pure cotton, multi-layer muslin sewn together to create the perfect fluffy cloud-soft cleansing cloth.  Customers absolutely rave about our Huna Cleansing Cloths, and we received so many requests and demands for these cloths to be available for purchase- that we just had to create this set for you!

100% Natural Muslin Cotton.  Multi-layered.  Super absorbent.  Cloud-like softness.  Hypoallergenic.  Sensitive skin approved.



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Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloths are made of 100% Natural Cotton Muslin.  Machine or hand-washable.  Super absorbent and ultra cloud-like softness, Huna Cleansing Cloths actually get softer (+ softer!) with every wash.  Hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial.  Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive and baby’s skin.

Ideal for use with any Huna Facial Cleanser, or the Facial Cleansing Product of your choice.  Gently and softly removes cosmetics, surface dirt and impurities.  We recommend Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloths with Huna Revitalize Cleansing Creme and Huna Nourish Cleansing Gelee + Moisture Mask.  Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloths pair well with creamy, moisturizing and make-up removing cleansers.

Comes with a cotton loop to hang and air-dry.

Machine washable.  100% Cotton.  Hypoallergenic.

100% Pure Cotton Muslin.

Apply cleansing product to face according to product directions.  Wet or damp Huna Luxury Cotton Cleansing Cloth, and gently glide over face, neck, chest or other area to be cleaned.  Rinse cloth thoroughly with warm water and hang to air-dry.  Machine washable.


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