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Quick Ways to Uplift Energy In Your Home

Hi Natural Beauties,

Here at Huna we believe your home is a sacred space. We make memories, sleep, eat, bathe, and many of you even work all from this one space- which is why it is so important to find ways to uplift and maintain good energy in your home! Many of us preform little rituals throughout our days without realization that this is a ritual. For instance, pouring your first cup of coffee or tea is absolutely a ritual if you choose to make it one. The point here is that even the littlest things we preform throughout our day, can be romanticized in a way to set intentions and create space in your home for positive improvement.

Quick Ways to Uplift Energy In Your Home

digital print via Jillian Harris

Put Up Artwork

Artwork brings joy, and meaning into a space. It can be a finishing touch that ties the entire space together, which is why is it important to select art with intention. A good rule of thumb while choosing artwork is to ask yourself these questions- “what do this mean to me?” and “how does this make me feel?” If it is artwork going into an office space you can find pieces that give you inspiration, maybe its a quote you love that drives you or maybe it is an image that makes you feel connected, peaceful, and present. From there, you will find the value and purpose of putting up artwork in every space.

image via Urban Outfitters

Play Uplifting Music

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
-Berthold Auerbach

Chose or create a playlist with meaning and intention. Find songs that invoke a feeling for work, for play, for dinner, and for downtime. Find music that helps you unwind (this doesn’t need to have lyrics.) We recommend a nice sound bath (you can stream this on Youtube.) Sound baths are sound and vibrations created through crystals, and bowls. Play this while taking a bath or before bed and experience the energy transforming your space.

Put Out Fresh Flowers

You may have guessed this is on of our favourite rituals at Huna. Fresh flowers bring a different energy into the home- its alive, breathing, and you feel connected to natures most beautiful gifts. Handpick your own flowers or simply grab a bouquet from your local market and put them in your best vase.

Yes- we do believe artificial florals in the home can be ‘bad luck.’ Fresh healthy live plants/flowers provide great energy to a room. Dry flowers are considered bad luck by both Vastu Shatra and Feng Shui.

image via Pinterest

Light Candles With Intention, Burn Incense + Herb Bundles

Before you light a candle, set an intention! Incense and herb bundles have ancient healing properties that can clear negative energy from a space and bring in new energy. Like that saying “out with the old and in with the new” – it is nice to start your day with a Palo Santo ritual. Perhaps after your workout and meditation you can light this magic wand and set an intention through out the day. According to, healers, traditionally used the energizing and healing properties of palo santo to purify air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy. The wood has also long been used therapeutically to soothe cold and flu symptoms, depression, emotional pain, and other ailments.


Clean and Declutter Surfaces

Consider this a clean canvas if you were to start a painting. When your kitchen is clean and decluttered before you are cooking, it will shift the energy in the space and chances are your meal will turn out 10x more tasty. Marie Kondo has mastered the art of tidying, decluttering and organizing- we recommend taking her virtual classes or picking up her books.

image via Pinterest

Open Doors and Windows

Simple pleasures in life that feel quite as nice as stepping outside and getting a deep breath of fresh air or allowing fresh air into your home. Science shows that going outside does more than just feel good, too — it can have some very surprising health benefits. According to, fresh air is scientifically proven to provide you with more energy and focus, helps eliminate bacteria in your space, promotes quicker healing, and even improve digestion!

Go get some fresh air!




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