Clinically Tested. Clinically Proven. Dermatologically Tested. Dermatologist Approved. Hypoallergenic. Allergy Tested. Non-Irritating. Safe for Sensitive Skin.
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What’s In Heather’s Bag?

Our bags and what we carry around in them says a lot about us. Some of my necessities include face mist, hand sanitizer,  and sunscreen.

“I consider what goes into my everyday bag as my essentials to set me up for success and good self-care.”

Read more to see what the things in my bag reveal about me.

Aside from the basics like my phone, wallet, sunglasses (either Ray-Ban, Jackie O’s or my fav pair of classic Bulgari’s), keys and a mask, I always make sure I have water on hand to ensure hydration all day long. I am currently using the Asobu water bottle, I love the unique shape. Along with my water bottle, I always keep a healthy snack like a couple of bananas!

My Huna Nourishing Lip Shine is like a saviour under my mask because it’s not sticky but so nourishing and ultra-smooth. I also love my Huna Botanical Face Mist to instantly hydrate, refresh, perk-up, revive + nourish skin.  I love this product for hydrated and healthy-looking glow and to set mineral-based makeup.

My other Huna beauty products you can always find in my bag is the Skin Nutrition Balm. I use this as a multi-purpose skin conditioner- dry rough elbows/knees/ankles, hand & foot moisturizer, cuticle treatment, lip conditioner, and all-over treatment balm to promote soft, smooth, supple, healthy-looking skin! I love this product durning cold + windy months as a protective barrier to my skin.

Taking care of your skin is important and so are your hands + nails! This is why I carry around my Huna Nail + Cuticle Creme for instant nourishment of dry cuticles and provides a barrier of protection from daily wear and frequent hand-washing. Along with my cuticle creme, you will always find organic hand sanitizer. I formulated our Huna Organic Hand Sanitizer with hyaluronic acid, vegetable, ceramides, and calendula flower extract to nourish the hands while effectively eliminating germs and bacteria. This product is a must-have in your bags!
About once a week I take a few minutes and clean out my bag, wipe the items and the bag itself (I love the Herban Essentials Towelettes for this!), they are great on the go to wipe down your phone, office supplies, etc. I love these wipes because they are aromatmerpeutic (my favourites at the moment are the lavender or eucalyptus.) I sanitize with intention and take a few deep breaths to ground, uplift, and rejuvenate throughout a busy work day.

“Protect your energy and your skin!”

Practising mindfulness throughout my day is important to me. I like to carry my Pendulum for tuning into my higher self whenever needed. Carrying crystals in your bag can also protect your energy. Black Tourmaline crystal protects you from negative energy and has grounding properties!
I carry the ThinkBaby Sunscreen (slim 89ml tube, SPF50+, have it in my bag year-round.) Other items I have Lark & Ives carrying case with NatraCare Organic Tampons, Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Balm herbal tea bags, a mini travel dental floss and my Huna Business Cards – I am always ready for new opportunities!

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