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DIY Natural Spa Manicure

No time for the Spa this week?  No problem!  We’ve got you covered.
Treat yourself to some spa pampering in the comfort of your home with this DIY Natural Spa Manicure.

DIY Natural Spa Manicure

DIY Natural Spa Manicure

What you’ll need:
– Basin filled with warm water.
– Nail file and Cuticle Pusher, if desired.
– Natural Exfoliant, like huna’s Sugar Butter Body Polish.
– Natural Moisturizer, like huna’s Ultra-Rich Nourish Body Creme.
– Natural Nail Polish Remover and Cotton pad.
– Your fav choice of Natural Nail Polish and Topcoat.Now follow these steps:

STEP 1.  Soak hands in warm water to soften skin and cuticles.
PRO TIP: Add a Spa-touch with luxurious add-ins like dried lavender or rose petals, cucumber or fresh fruit slices, fresh peppermint or basil leaves, bath salts, or a few drops of your favourite essential oil (I’m a huge fan of relaxing lavender + sweet orange, or try revitalizing pink grapefruit).STEP 2.  Trim and file nails, and push back the cuticles.

STEP 3.  Exfoliate hands and arms (up to the elbows) with huna Natural Apothecary’s Sugar Butter Body Polish with organic shea butter, oat, carrot + our organic homegrown calendula.  Rinse well.
PRO TIP: In a pinch, create your own DIY Natural Sugar Polish by adding together 1/4 cup of granulated sugar with 1/4 cup of olive or coconut oil.  Add in a few drops of your fav essential oil for a little added luxe.

STEP 4.  Massage hands and arms with a rich emollient organic and natural moisturizer, like huna Natural Apothecary’s Ultra-Rich Nourish Body Creme with organic shea and Canadian hemp seed butter.

STEP 5. Cleanse the hands with a hot towel, or wash hands in sink with warm water and soap. Apply a bit of Natural Nail Polish Remover (check out these natural + non-toxic nail polish removers) onto a cotton ball or pad, and swipe over nails to remove any trace of oils.
PRO TIP: Don’t skip this step!  Oils will prevent the polish from properly sticking to the nail surface, resulting in a Mani that won’t last and your polish bubbling.

STEP 6.  Apply two coats of Natural Nail Polish and one coat of Topcoat.
PRO TIP: We really love this brand Zoya, which makes the world’s longest lasting natural nail polish with a huge selection of  beautiful colours!)

STEP 7.  Now enjoy your sassy Natural Mani and go conquer the world you divine Green Beauty Goddess!


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