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How to Age Gracefully – 11 Steps to Change your Life

How to Age Gracefully


Today I’d like to share the absolute best and simple Steps to follow in order to Age Gracefully. Now most of you may expect me to talk all about skincare products, seeing that I’m a Cosmetic Formulator. But not at all!

Aging Gracefully is all about a life-long commitment to Self-Care! There are positive habits and healthy ways to live, which will carry you through life and make you feel great & look fresh and glowing as the years pass.

If you have any fav tips on Aging Gracefully- feel free to share them by posting in the comments!

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How to Age Gracefully – 11 Steps to Change your Life:

  1. Be Sunwise – Protect your skin with sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat (who doesn’t love those!), sunglasses & seek shade.
  1. Moisturize Daily using Antioxidants – Keep your skin hydrated with a good natural moisturizer that agrees with your skin, and ensure it contains a solid spectrum of antioxidants for protection against free-radical damage from the environment (which can damage & age skin pre-maturely).
  1. Eat a Healthy & Well-Balanced Diet – Orly preaches it the best!…it just comes down to common sense. Eat a variety of healthy foods that make your body feel good. Load up on vegetables, consume fruits (especially berries which are loaded in antioxidants), lean proteins, and be sure to get a healthy spectrum of fats for omega’s.
  1. Minimize Gluten, Dairy & Processed Sugars – These foods damage the body & take a real toll on most people’s skin. Avoid these foods as much as possible. Absolutely indulge every so often, but know these foods are pro-inflammatory – which means they cause an inflammatory reaction in the body, for most. The skin and digestive tract are very closely tied, so people who consume lots of gluten, dairy & sugars often have inflammatory skin conditions (like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and extremely dry, dehydrated skin).
  1. Keep the Body Hydrated – Drink plenty of water. It helps your body cells function optimally, and it flushes toxins from the body.
  1. Stress Management – Do what makes you feel happy, calm and relaxed… Yoga, Meditation, Writing, Reading, Playing with a Pet, Hangin’ with your Girlfriends, Get a Massage or go to the Spa…whatever floats your boat and helps reduce your stress levels.
  1. Sleep Well (and Ideally on your Back) – Everyone is different, but most adults need a solid 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function optimally and feel refreshed. Sleeping on your back will reduce eventual facial wrinkles & fine lines (which can occur when you sleep on your side or stomach). If you do sleep on your side, try an anti-age pillow (I love mine!), like this one-
  1. Fitness – We all have lazy inactive days, but try to do some sort of physical activity daily. It reduces inflammation in the body, boosts circulation, tones muscles, and just feels great! I love my daily Yoga practice, and I try to lift weights a few times a week.
  1. Maintain a Positive Mental State – Yes…your mental state absolutely has an impact on the way your body ages. Be good to yourself & use positive self-talk. No more criticizing or using harsh words to yourself. Be kind, gentle and love yourself. When something happens in your life- know that you can cope & handle the situation. Be confident. Easier said than done…most of these are life-long practices, but don’t give up on yourself.
  1. Probiotics – Taking probiotics daily will keep your digestive system functioning optimally. Again, this links back to the skin-digestive connection. Talk to your doctor or naturopath for tips on what kind of probiotics you should take.
  1. Incorporate Facial Massage – Some people swear by facial or lymphatic massage to keep skin taught, toned and glowing. I personally love it as well. The key is to use a very gentle touch. Here’s a Video with one of my all-time fav facial massages, called the Tanaka Facial Massage-



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