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Meet our new Nail Duo

Nail Duo - 1 (1)

Purchase our top-selling natural nail + cuticle treatments in our limited-edition Nail Duo Kit, and save $16 off the regular price.  Nail + Cuticle Grow Treatment Oil is ideal for strengthening splitting, cracked and weak nails, and promoting healthy nail growth- 78% organic and 100% vegan.

Nail + Cuticle Protect Treatment Crème is ideal for healing, repairing and protecting rough, damaged and ravaged nails and cuticles- 100% natural, and contains beeswax and lanolin.  Together they make a highly effective treatment combination for transforming nails + cuticles.  For optimal results, use consistently each day (or at night).  Handcrafted in Canada using 100% natural ingredients.

Shop the Nail Duo- https://hunaskin.wpengine.com/product/nail-duo-kit/


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