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Meet Your Organic Skincare Formulator & Holistic Skin Health Expert

Hi, I’m Heather!  You may know me as the Founder, CEO, and Formulator of Huna Skin.  I am a Botanist, Herbalist, and Natural Cosmetic Formulator.  I’m passionate about helping people achieve healthier skin using natural plant-based ingredients and holistic methods.  I love seeing how empowered and confident people become when they learn how to manage their own skin health.  I love plants, nature, science, herbal medicine, formulating, skincare, cosmetics, all things beauty…it just all came together beautifully into one as HUNA.

I have 9 degrees & certificates and over 20 years of industry related experience.  I didn’t set out to be a skincare entrepreneur, but rather stumbled into it.  During my university years, I worked as a Sales & Product Demonstrator for beauty mega-giant Lancôme.  After many years of loyally using Lancôme skincare and cosmetics, my skin became hyper-sensitive and highly reactive. I could no longer use the Lancôme products I had adored for so many years.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that was actually when my healing journey began.



Fast forward to today and I am managing two autoimmune diseases with natural and herbal methods and absolutely no pharmaceuticals or western medicine interventions.  The standard protocol for treating the autoimmune that I have is an invasive surgery followed by a lifetime of medication.  That’s just not for me.  Anyway, my autoimmune issues have caused a pile of skin-related problems, which is common considering the body’s state of imbalance, poor gut health and chronic inflammation in autoimmuners.  I’ve experienced everything from cystic acne, perioral dermatitis, eczema, unexplainable rashes, slow wound healing, dry dehydrated skin, premature aging, accelerated sun damage, sun sensitivity and rapid sun burn, broken capillaries, congested enlarged pores, loss of elasticity, and reduction in tone.

I’ve addressed and healed each one of my skin issues because I had to unlearn and fully relearn what Skin Health truly is.  Truth is, most of the info we learn on how to care for our skin is all wrong.  I’ve spent the past decade researching and working in Holistic Skin Health.  Skin healing is a journey.  And here’s the real kicker…it is mainly internal.  That’s right.  Your skin health is mainly what’s going on inside of your body.  But we act like skin health comes from a jar or bottle.  And it doesn’t.  I own a skincare company, and I’ll be the first to tell you that buying your way to skin health through skincare is an empty endless game.



Healthy skin truly comes from within.  Your skin communicates the health of your body to you.  Skin health is about understanding and listening to your skin, and supporting your skin because it supports you.  There are no shortcuts.  And no two people have the same skin.  Just like each body is unique, we all have completely different complex underlying core causes that result in the unique skin issues we face.  Genetics for sure is a factor, but much less of a contributor to your skin health than you might think.  The biggest contributors are lifestyle and daily habits, overall health, hormones, UV exposure, diet & nutrition, toxicity exposure, gut health balance, stress levels and coping, and emotional & mental health.

That’s why we are launching our new Huna Skin Health Testing & Coaching services soon.  We are introducing a Huna Skin Health Test, which is a simple at-home hair test that is clinically analyzed to identify your personal sensitivities and imbalances to 975 common items- including food, drink, environmental, metal toxicity, hormonal balance, and gut biome.  Once your core underlying causes are identified using the test, we then offer 1:1 Online Coaching with a trained Herbalist and Holistic Skin Health Expert, so they can help guide & support you to make the right changes to uncover your healthiest skin ever.  Real actual visible skin improvements do occur, so if you are frustrated with trying product after product and you want to address real recurring skin issues from the core internal cause, consider approaching your Skin Health from this holistic method instead.

Bit more about me.  On the day to day at Huna, I run our R&D, Marketing, Sales, Legal, and Finance areas.  It’s a lot to handle!  I love the variety.  We run a small 30 acre herb & wildflower farm, so I love gardening and roaming through our Skin Nutrition Gardens to see what’s blooming after work hours, and of course herbalism is truly a deep profound passion for me.  I’m always making a new herbal infusion, tincture, glycerite, or formulation….constantly juggling about 5 of these little experiments at any given moment.  I love helping people heal and achieve health through plant medicine and holistic, natural living.



In my time off from Huna and away from the Huna Farm, I love to kayak and paddleboard, hike, and visit local farmers market to peruse the seasonal fresh produce.  I love to cook and  bake and we make every single meal in our home from scratch using wholesome ingredients.  Pre-packaged and processed foods aren’t even allowed into our home!

We are passionate about healthy natural living in every way shape and form.  Stretching, Yoga, Meditation, Grounding, and Hikes in nature are all daily must haves for me, and I train with Weights a few days a week.  Love soaking in the bath tub, spending time vibing in nature, and coming up with new formula ideas around the clock…seriously, I’m the gal who finds inspiration at the strangest times, I write formula ideas on napkins, sticky notes, and in my phone constantly.



I adore all of our pets- Henry & Gary (our two big dogs), and our 5 cats Jackie, Linda, Jillie, Bobby, and Todd.  My life is kinda crazy and hectic, but filled with all the wonderful things that I love the most, so I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think people are unable to achieve healthy skin today because of the misinformation out there, and the high level of toxicity and health imbalances we are exposed to in our modern daily living.  Healthy skin is completely related to inner body and gut health, and modern living is very hard on our body and gut.  There isn’t a quick fix, it really is about making changes to live a better healthier lifestyle.

Simple tests can be done to identify exactly what underlying core causes are related to your skin issues, and a few lifestyle & diet changes can make a huge impact to your skin appearance and overall health.  It doesn’t have to be this mysterious game of trial & error.  Skin health can be really easy to master and empowering once you have the proper knowledge.  Stay tuned for the launch of Huna Skin Health Testing & Coaching this June 2024.

Thanks for reading!


Written by: Heather Urquhart, Founder, CEO & Formulator of Huna Skin Inc.

June 2024


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