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Today We Celebrate – A Blog in Honor of Mother’s Day


May 9, 2018 at 6:09 a.m. I witnessed my niece being born! I am an Auntie for the first time!

YESSS!! What a rush and true blessing to be a part of this special moment. Today, I would like to welcome my little sister to the wonderful world of MOTHERHOOD! You rocked it, you are a star!

To be honest, when my sister asked me to support her in delivery I was totally honoured and a little nervous all at the same time. As I rubbed her back, hugged her and we rocked & swayed through her labor and delivery I was reminded of how totally bad ass we are as women! Together with a team of fierce midwives, the love and support of our mom, and her husband by her side – my sister had a beautiful baby girl.

I am a mom with two beautiful daughters of my own who have been bringing me joy for almost thirteen years. But, it’s been a minute since I’ve experienced being a NEW mom. This experience was enlightening and gave me a new perspective on being a parent.

Today was an excellent reminder for me that sometimes in life we may feel lost & we may forget…

In honor of my little sister and Mothers Day I wanted to share these very important thoughts with you.


  1. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
  2. We are loving. We are loved.
  3. We are strong and powerful beings.
  4. We can do ANYTHING!
  5. We are all beautiful and unique. We all have a gift.


Call your mom, text her. Tell her how much you love her. Give thanks to your wives, sisters and aunties for generally being the most unstoppable creatures on the planet!

Cheers & Happy Mothers Day!!


Written by Vanessa Stiles, Production Manager at Huna Apothecary.



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