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Welcome to the Lab!

Welcome to the huna Natural Apothecary Laboratory!

huna Natural Apothecary began as a hobby and an idea. Heather Urquhart (that’s me in the photo), launched huna (which stands for heather urquhart natural apothecary) in 2014, as a small home-based natural skincare laboratory. It all began when I was searching for all-natural skincare products to nourish and improve the look and health of my skin. I was looking for healthier, safer alternatives to what mainstream beauty brands offer, and I was mainly in search of an ingredient list which I could recognize and understand, as I really want to know what goes into and onto my body. I wanted to find a brand that was packed with ‘health food’ and nutrition to feed and nourish my skin.

I’m a bit of a health nut, and enjoy nourishing my body with nutrition-packed foods, and I figure my skin will benefit from the same treatment externally. In my search, I kept coming across so-called natural brands, which were basically traditional synthetic mass-produced products with the same ingredients as mainstream brands, with just a touch of natural ‘coconut oil’ or ‘rosehip oil’ and passed off as a natural product. Or some brands with better intents would offer naturally-derived, synthetically-processed or altered ingredients. I wanted natural…really natural…authentically natural. So I concluded, to get what I really want, I am just going to have to make my own skincare.

I enrolled myself in a Diploma program with an international natural skincare school, then sourced some top-quality Canadian suppliers and placed my first orders for whole, natural ingredients to create my own skincare. Organic, unrefined, natural botanical ingredients like pomegranate oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, rose water, sea buckthorn extract, and hand-ground chamomile flowers were some of the very first whole ingredients I experimented with, and are still staples in huna Natural Apothecary products today. Needless to say, I was completely hooked! I completed the diploma, went on to develop a luxuriously effective botanical skincare line, and created a website to showcase and sell huna Natural Apothecary products. Natural Product Formulating and working with botanical ingredients have become my life’s passion!

Thankfully, I am already equipped with a science undergrad in botany with a minor in microbiology. I’ve completed coursework in chemistry, biology, anatomy & physiology, and human nutrition (to name a few!), and I spent my university years working for a major multi-national blockbuster skincare and cosmetics brand. With plenty of laboratory experience, a solid understanding of plants and their beneficial qualities, and a thriving passion for the skincare & beauty industry already burning, creating my own natural skincare line felt natural, creative, exhilarating and challenging. (In the words of Steve Jobs – “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”). So here I am today- the founder, owner and master formulator of my own natural skincare company. huna Natural Apothecary products are currently shipped to customers across Canada.

The huna Lab only works with natural, healthy ingredients, most of which are plant-based, and all of which have been deemed safe for use (according to the Skin Deep cosmetic database– huna will only use ingredients which are considered safe; level 2 or lower). huna Natural Apothecary skincare has been formulated and human-tested (never animal tested!) to deliver real results. huna skincare is all hand-made in small batches in the same cute little laboratory/apothecary it all began in. Welcome to a better way. huna Natural Apothecary anti-age skincare solutions are better because they deliver real results. Better because they are all-natural, plant-based, biodegradable, safe and cruelty-free. Simply and thoughtfully packaged in premium recyclable packaging, huna Natural Apothecary is all about providing affordable luxurious botanical skincare.

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